Top Tips For Perfecting Your Assignment Writing Style

Assignment Writing Tips
University life comes with its own difficulties and challenges. One of those challenges is to write longer but perfect assignments. Writing such assignments require extraordinary writing and research skills, which students severely lack. In such a case, how can students improve their assignment writing style? Well, the answer to this question is learning the top tips for perfecting your assignment to the top level.

As you are here reading this article, it means you also want to perfect your assignment writing style and score well. Well, we must say that you have come to the only right place to learn about the tips required to write a perfect assignment. In today’s post, we will unpack the top tips that can be extremely helpful to you. So, let’s get started without any delay.

Top Tips To Make Your Assignment Writing Style Perfect

Assignment writing is one of the most tiring and irritating tasks of all that you perform at university. A lot of students get panicked over crafting perfect assignments. There is no need to panic. All you need to do is learn some top tips and make your assignment writing style perfect. Hence, a brief description of the tips in this context is as follows:

Be Formal And Academic In Tone

Assignment writing is an academic text. It means all the words, phrases, and sentences in it must be formal and academic in tone. Also, there is no place for colloquial words and jargon in this academic text. It is an academic text, not a causal conversation between you and your friends. Therefore, you must avoid causality and practice formality. Do not settle for weak vocabulary like “big, mad, and bad.” Instead, use words like “humongous, crazy, and substandard.” Hence, formality is very important.

Be Objective In Your Writing

The next tip is that you must look objective in your writing. This is another tip for perfecting your academic writing style, which you must not forget. Writing in an objective style means, as a writer, you must critique your as well as others’ points of view objectively. You must not take one side and craft your whole assignments based on that. Neutrality and writing in an impersonal way are very important if you want your university assignments to be perfect.

Use Active Voice In Your Assignment

Preferring the use of active voice over passive also perfects your assignment writing style. Active voice makes the sentence easy to understand and also delivers the message straight away. The problem with passive voice is that it makes the sentence too lengthy, and readers, most of the time, struggle to understand the sentence’s meaning. An example is as follows:

The stepmother’s house was cleaned by Ellen. (Passive)
Ellen cleaned the stepmother’s house. (Active)

From these examples, you can observe that the sentence in active voice is easier to understand for the readers. Hence, use active voice instead of passive voice.

Vary Your Sentence Length

Varying the length of your sentences is another way to make your assignment writing style perfect. Writing simple and short sentences throughout the assignment makes it boring for the reader. When you add a variety of sentence lengths, i.e., a combination of long and short sentences, it piques the reader’s interest and gets you success. So, it is necessary to vary your sentence length.

Avoid Choppiness In Your Assignment

Choppiness is when you break the sentence unnecessarily in your assignment. There is no need to break the rhythm, but you break it. This gives the reader a sense that either you do not have complete information about the topic or you do not know how to formulate long sentences instead of choppy and short ones. For example, 
“Albert washed the floors. They were not clean. He used a mop.”
See, this is choppiness in your assignment. You can make this sentence better by structuring it as.
“Albert washed the dirty floors with a mop.”

Work On Expanding Your Vocabulary

The last tip for perfecting your academic assignment writing style is that you must also work on expanding your vocabulary. Using the same words again and again in an assignment shows that you do not have good lexical resources. When you work on your vocabulary expansion, you get to know different ways of expressing and discussing things in an assignment. However, when working on this, ensure that the vocabulary is academic.


Want to make your assignment writing style perfect? Make sure that you follow all the 6 tips mentioned above. By following these tips, you will not only be able to grab good marks in the current assignment but develop new skills that can be used for the next assignments. All in all, read the tips mentioned above and craft your assignment accordingly.

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